”Peaceful protest is a human right”- Rihanna tweets about #EndSARS

No vex oh…but did we expect Buhari or Sanwo olu to just sit back, relax, or cooperate with us? What happened the first time? They “allowed” then it spread like wild fire. I’m sure what government regretted was not nipping it at the bud! To be fair it cost Government alot: BRT stations, police stations were also burned, private shops were looted….yeah the alternative would have been to cooperate with the protesters, even secure them and clap for them but that would be like pampering a stubborn “enemy” or accepting the police force is a waste. That too would be problem for the government. The police too might do there own. I assure you just like the first protest, armed robber would cease the opportunity and police will be like “who you dey call come help you,? e b like u don dey madt?” It’s really a difficult situation for the governor

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