Wooden Doors: The Character and Inspiration of His Design for the House

In designing an occupancy, the door naturally becomes a very important element. Not only does it become a passage into the house, doors also serve as interspace circulation. Doors are also a barrier or separator between public space and private space, as well as being a protector of the contents of the house from the undesirable. There are many types of house door material to choose from, ranging from wood, iron, glass, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, to PVCs.

Each type of material certainly has its own superiority from durability to aesthetics. Out of so many door materials, wood became one of the most favorite. Want to pick a wooden door? Know first the following.

Wooden Door Character

Wooden Doors: The Character and Inspiration of His Design for the House
Wooden Doors: The Character and Inspiration of His Design for the House

Wood is the most commonly used material for doors. In addition to being easy to find, a door with a type of wooden material has a wide range of attractive finishes that could add aesthetic value to a house. Wooden doors are also known to have high quality and withstand impact and pressure.

Unfortunately, however, the doors of wooden materials are quite easily stricken by pests due to the main nature of wood which is the main food of insects. Also, wood is also sensitive to moist air so it is easily fragile when exposed to water frequently.

Design Inspiration of Wooden Doors for Houses

There are multiple models or design of doors wooden materials that could be the best choice for your home. Recognize the inspiration below!

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1. Classic Doors

This one’s door design style is the most common and popular styles used, especially in Indonesia. The shape of this door generally consists of a square panel with a combine variable breast milk, sometimes combined with glass. This kind of classic design is also suitable for use in any residential style, ranging from classic, mediterranean, and minimalist.

2. Carving Doors

an engraving door usually made by a craftsman is the right choice for those of you who want to present an ethnic impression on habitation. This type of door is also widely used on cottage or villa in some vacation areas because of the natural impression created. Although it can give a luxurious and exclusive impression to the house, engraving doors take a considerable amount of time to work and certainly cost more than doors in general. Combine this engraving door with carving furniture or other natural materials.

3. White-Crowned Doors

Don’t want the room to be so cramped? Just paint your wooden door in white. White color can give a clean, calm and soothing impression on a room could make a wishful thinking impressed more widely. The blend of white doors with wooden flooring can impress the house more comfortably and cool. The look of this door is perfect for those of you who want to give a minimalist look to the look.

4. Doors with Glass

Sat door design this could also give an airy impression on occupancy. This glass accent with wooden door frames could give your house a modern and classic style. You could use a door with clear glass or also use ice glass that could give more privacy to occupancy. Doors of this design are suitable for use on family rooms, front doors, or even bathroom doors.

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5. Doors with Models Flush

Door with flush model represents one of the very popular door models. Flush doors constitute doors with plain surfaces on both sides. Flush doors are made by attaching two layers of wood to each side. Sometimes when it’s knocked at its center, you’ll find a door that sounds empty. Although wooden materials tend to be heavy, flush doors can be alternative to those of you who want door wood that is not too heavy while swing.


Want to use which wooden door style for your occupancy? You could combine the best designs, openings, and models that fit the room’s breadth as well as your needs.

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