A Variety of Functions and Aesthetics of Exterior Design That Attracts the Heart

“Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.” A quote from an American architect, Julia Morgan. A good design is a design that speaks without the need for much explanation and interpretation. In architecture, exterior design is a crucial thing. Why? Why? Because it is a representative outermost display for the residential or office you work in. First thing to see for anyone who comes or sees a building.

Exterior design is all part of a building bordering the neighborhood such as roads or neighboring buildings, therefore it becomes an important aspect of creating the atmosphere and identity as you wish. As exterior designs are more closed and private if you live in dense, crowded environments, or vice versa, exterior designs are more open to those of you who want to create positive interactions for the communities you are in and work.

The exterior design cannot be separated from the inner spaces, as it has a direct influence on your interior. Like for example the evaporation of your living room which is influenced by the number of windows and the size of your ventilation. Check out some innovative ideas in designing your exterior!

Functions and Aesthetics of Exterior Design

A Variety of Functions and Aesthetics of Exterior Design That Attracts the Heart
A Variety of Functions and Aesthetics of Exterior Design That Attracts the Heart

1. Home Facade Design Creative Game

Those of you who are desirous of houses in dense urban areas with land that is also quite small, consider choosing a simple and uncomplicated exterior design. But it remains unique, like inspiration from the House of Piedrabuena, in Spain by this architect firm PADAarquitectura.

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The exterior design of this house is not just terse stands out compared to the European classic style building beside it but also has the function of ‘hot’ air for the room temperature inside. Because it consists of ceramic beam modules arranged in such a way as to produce a gorgeous and modern house exterior design.

Cavity of this ceramic module game can also produce shading play on dazzling interiors whenever it is exposed to sunlight. What an uncomplicated method and yet has high functional and aesthetic value for the exterior design of your house!

2. Exterior Design of Rear Park that Contemporary

The back garden is also a section the exterior design that is important to your house. The exterior design of the rear garden becomes contemporary with the play of many curved lines and circles like this makes your garden atmosphere not rigid and boring.

The exterior design of the rear garden needs to be in watch to sustain an atmosphere of relaxation in your home. Interaction with open green park is believed to reduce stress. In addition it is also good for natural breeding and small-scale lungs for your home building.

The material of the violent on that park is also important, it is recommended to select materials whose surfaces are not slippery and resistant to rainy or hot weather, such as natural stones, small gravel stones and stones times as well as accents. You can arrange outdoor furniture such as a rattan sofa over a wooden deck to beautify the exterior design of the rear garden of your house.

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3. Romantic Back Garden Design

Don’t worry about size or dimension rear garden of your house which may tend to be small, because many ways make the design of your small rear garden feel more intimate and romantic with the right approach. Like choosing outdoor chair furniture in a simple shape with materials that have a natural look like wood or built-in outdoor furniture such as chairs from polished to smooth concrete.

Variations in plant shapes and sorts are also can makes your small back garden feel not boring because of the diversity of selected plants. Geometric patterns of paganism and tall garden walls also give the illusion of the size of a wider back garden.

Exterior design of rear garden also coupled with decorations with lights that are cantic to feel warmer to spend time with family and people closest to you.

4. Japanese Raw Style

Japanese style design is always minimalist good in shape or material display. Because that is indeed the basis of the principle most Japanese architects hold both in design and in everyday life. Minimalist means highlighting basic design aspects and minimizing the use of non-functional decorative elements.

Like the minimalist exterior design of this very simple two-story house with a concept of geometric spaces that are piled up and form an occupancy that is modern and rich in its simplicity.

Exterior design minimalist house two floor that use a game of two raw materials that contrast each other. The materials in question are Wood and Concrete. Concrete that has a strong raw look is combined with wood that has a natural and warm effect.

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Can also be combined with accents a dark-colored steel/iron frame. This two-story minimalist house is also supported with landscape designs of rocks and bright mortar colors that look racy and elegant.


After listening to some of the above references, it is seen that the exterior design of a building such as a house, office and garden has aesthetic and functional values that are equally important to be carefully and optimally processed. Exterior design is responsible as identity yet more than that also as a protector of weather and temperature outside the space that affects directly into the room.

Living in a tropical country like Indonesia actually has a lot of advantages that benefit us in choosing materials from the cade or exterior of your building. Surely supported with the development of creative technologies and methods, you can implement the various exterior design styles you want.


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