5 Features of Bali’s Exotic Architectural Design

Discussing Bali is always fun ought and seemed endless. In addition to being popular as a holiday destination, architectural designs from Bali are also ideal for tropical homes. Would you be interested in applying such design styles to perfect your occupancy?

The architectural design of Bali will make house you is thick with shades of local prudence without being impressed with being out of date. Want to know the application of this design style for occupancy in Indonesia? Come on, check out the features of the Bali-style house below so you can apply it easily and precisely.

Bali’s Exotic Architectural

5 Features of Bali's Exotic Architectural Design
5 Features of Bali’s Exotic Architectural Design

1. Limas-Shaped Roof

Generally, that house the Balinese style movers have a lime-shaped roof (popular called limasan). The slope level of the limousine roof ranges from 35 degrees to 60 degrees. In fact, however, you can also eliminate this distinctive feature if you want a more minimalist roof shape. In exchange, the shades of Bali on other parts of the house should be displayed to the maximum.

2. Measured Home Pagean An Enlarge

One style of design the architecture of Bali on tropical houses is the size of a completely large yard. The large lawn will maximize the air circulation on the interior of the house so that the house feels cool. The existence of a large-sized yard is also suitable for those of you who are a hobby of gardening. Make sure you clean the yard regularly so that it does not get filled with garbage and dust.

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3. High Wall in Around House

Yan house yard size the great g must be balanced with a high wall to make the house feel magnificent and its privacy preserved. That is why Balinese-style houses are often equipped with high walls. In addition to impressing the house majestically, the high walls also function effectively as noise dampers originating from outside the house.

4. Neatly Arranged Home Ventilation System

Bali’s house is also identical to the ventilating system breast the neatly arranged air. Usually Bali-style houses don’t feel stuffy and cool all day because they consist of windows and doors whose openings are large. This aspect also helps to be supported by a large yard of houses and a variety of trees.

5. Natural Stone Elements on Building Agencies

Building body that adopts architecture design Bali is usually equipped with natural stone elements. Not only does it give an exotic impression, the use of natural rocks also effectively absorbs heat so that the atmosphere of the house feels cool. Andesite rock is most often used to strengthen the shades of Bali because it is affordable, easy to come by, and can be be composed to one’s taste.


If you’re interested in traditional style houses typical of Indonesia, Bali’s architectural design can be one of the best solutions. Realize a comfortable, uniquely nuanced dream house to suit your bujet tastes and preparations.

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