5 Types of House Fence by Material, from Iron to Wood

The fence is one of the important elements on the exterior of the house. More than just protecting house buildings, fences also serve to perfect the overall beauty of your home. That is why you should choose the right type of fence to suit your needs, house design, and personal taste.

The first thing you should do when you determine the type of fence for the house is to choose the drafting material. Knowing some of the main building materials for home fences is certainly a beneficial reference for you. Peep under yuk type material and characters respectively for pills the best house fences, from minimalist, modern, to classical styles.

House Fence by Material

5 Types of House Fence by Material, from Iron to Wood
5 Types of House Fence by Material, from Iron to Wood

1. Brick Fence

Brick constitutes the most frequently used material in making fence houses. The reason is of course because bricks are very easy to come by, they are economical, and the durability is strong. Brick foundations must be arranged applicably to produce a solid wall and do not easily undergo changes in shape. You shouldn’t coat a brick-framed house with wall paint. You can just leave it to be more natural and interesting.

2. Mild Steel Fence

Usage trends lightweight is now also being utilized as the main material of the house fence. The lightweight steel-based type fence has a minimal look with light weight but strong durability. In addition, lightweight steel fences are also easily combined with various house models so that they are not impressed to be out of date.

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3. Fenced Iron Fence

wrought iron displays impressions of magnificent and classic occupancy. Usually wrought iron comes with engravings and interesting paint colors, e.g. black, gold, and copper. If your house is large in size, this type of fence is suitable for perfecting your house. Do not forget to carefully perform the finishing process so that cast iron does not rust easily or dull easily.

4. Hollow Iron Fence

In addition to wrought iron, the hollow is also in high demand as the main material for fence making. The characteristic of hollow iron is the central part that is copong or hollow. The price is relatively affordable and the appearance is simple so it is suitable for supporting minimalist and modern houses. Usually people like to paint hollow iron fences black to make the model look simple.

5. Wood Fence

Wood is indeed very metallic as material for building the fence of a house. Unfortunately, not many people use wooden fences because they consider their endurance to be weak and vulnerable to being damaged by weather changes. In fact, you can choose a type of quality hardwood to produce strong wooden fences, such as ulcers or teakwood. The fence of this house is a type to be polished with finishing sea routine way at least once a year to stay naturally sparkling and free of termite attacks.

Final Words

Lastly, don’t forget to prepare an adequate bachelor’s degree so that you can use the type of fence you want for your ideal home. A quality home fence will protect your home for years without requiring large amounts of repair costs.

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