5 Most Awaiting Cool Buildings in 2020

The new year is always identified with many new things. Start from new year’s resolutions, new spirit, new work, or new house interiors. In its own field of architecture, there are some new buildings whose highly anticipated presence in 2020. A number of buildings with spectacular designs will be inaugurated in this year. Wonder what amazing buildings will be ready in the year? Here are some cool building architectures that must be looked forward to in 2020.

Cool Buildings in 2020

6 Most Awaiting Cool Buildings in 2020
5 Most Awaiting Cool Buildings in 2020

1. Opus Works of Zaha Hadid Architects (Dubai)

Opus was a building designed by Zaha Hadid before he died in 2016. The company that still bears its name, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) will soon complete the magnificent building that houses both the apartment and the hotel. The opus consists of a hotel, 12 restaurants, a rooftop bar, and office space.

This building located in the Burj Khalifa district of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates has a unique shape. The middle part is hollowed out. The building consists of two structures that are considered as a single cube but are irregularly eroded in its central part. To make it, ZHA designed the Opus with two separate towers connected at its summit and base.

The central part of the empty building is designed in such a way that it uses combinations of glass of different thicknesses, is bent in different ways and installed using several different techniques. One technique is to heat the glass piece at a high temperature before printing and to be quickly cooled to increase its strength.

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2. Central Park Tower Works by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill (New York)

Skyscraper buildings constitute the identity of the city of New York. Out of so many famous and cool buildings in New York, in 2020 we will again be flabbergasted by the presence of the Central Park Tower. This building scheduled to be completed by 2020 will have an altitude of 1,549 feet. This height makes it the second tallest skyscraper in the United States after the One World Trade Center, the 15th tallest building in the world, and the tallest residence building in the world.

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture is a company behind phenomenal buildings in the Middle East, call it Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia. However, designing buildings in New York became a new challenge for them.

The structure consists of 179 luxury dwelling units, seven Nordstrom store floors, and other luxury facilities. The tower of the building crosses eastward, presenting a beautiful view of Central Park. The developer bandered the price for d occupancy Central Park Tower starting at USD6.9 million.

3. UNICEF Works by MAD Architects (Paris)

Paris is a city filled with classical architecture. However, the UNICEF building by MAD Architects will be the city’s newest unique building. Led by Chinese-born musical instrument player Ma Yansong, the structure of the building will be in the green neighborhood of Martin Luther King Park. The wavy shape of UNICEF is intended to blur the boundary between buildings and nature. This building with 13 stories is tall enough that the owner of the house who is upstairs will have a clear view of the Eiffel Tower.

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4. Grand Egypt Museum (Giza)

Despite the delay of two years, this $1 billion project looks like it will open in 2020. The Grand Egypt Museum will be home to tens of thousands of archaeological treasures, including the entire contents of Tutankhamun’s tomb. This museum 5.2 million square foot yen symbolizes efforts to improve the tourism industry of the Egyptian country after the 2011 revolution. The building is designed with glass on its front that offers a view of the Pyramids and the Giza highlands.

5. Berlin Brandenburg Airport (Berlin)

After years of setbacks, this new airport in the German capital will finally open its doors in 2020. The airport was announced to begin operations in October this year. Form of the terminal building located between These two parallel runways represent Germany’s architectural heritage as it was influenced by 19th century Russian architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel and the famous Bauhaus art school.

Final Words

Interested in visiting one of these spectacular buildings? A number of cool building designs in 2020 are likely to become a new icon in the world’s architectural field.

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