Gebyok Doors: Java’s Typical Design and Engraving

The gebyok door is not an unfamiliar element of occupancy to our society in general. Maybe you’ve never even heard of such a term. However, this type of door is actually one of Indonesia’s original residential features that cannot be found in other architectural and interior styles.

The gebyok door is a type of teak wood-based door consisting of typical Java carvings. Actually, this door can also be found in Bali with somewhat different characteristics compared to the type from Java. The difference lies in the motifs of engraving depicting the characteristics of each culture-each. However, broadly both have many equations in terms of material use, shape, size, and degree of complexity.

Gebyok Doors

Gebyok Doors: Java's Typical Design and Engraving
Gebyok Doors: Java’s Typical Design and Engraving

In Java, the use of gebyok doors has many meanings and is not simply a part of the house. The harmonized door design symbolizes the harmony of human relations with nature. In addition, this door also symbolizes the purpose of human life equipped with welfare and peace.

Usually this type of door is made of teakwood because it is relatively large in size, strong, and can highlight a luxurious impression. The base material of teak wood must be more resistant to pest attacks and weather changes than other types of wood.

Tips for Using Gebyok Doors for Private Housing

Before you buy, install, and learn how to care for a gebyok door, it would certainly be great if you knew its usage tips in advance:

  • Gebyok doors are suitable for application to thick houses with Java or Bali shades, both in architectural and interior terms.
  • The basic material of quality teak wood makes this door stand at an expensive price. The more complicated the carving and the bigger the size, then the more expensive the price is. So that you have to prepare an adequate budget before purchasing.
  • The use of this type of wooden door is more suitable for application to large-sized houses to make the magnificent shades to the maximum.
  • In addition to the main house door, it is also suitable for use as an inter room bulkhead on large-sized houses.
  • You must be careful when choosing a gebyok door so that it is not easy for sellers who claim to use teak wood as well base material.
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How to Treat and Clean Gebyok Doors

When you suppose to care for the door gebyok is hard, the real answer is no. For the door view to always be durable and to look new, you could do some of these easy ways to take care of it:

  • The intermediate portion of the door engraving shall be demarcated with a small, fluffy brush. The pointy end of the brush will reach the dust on the intermediate of the carving to the maximum.
  • You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust and other dirt on the intermediate of the door to the maximum.
  • Immediately clean affected door sections stain with a micro fiber washcloth that is wetted first. This is important that the stain is not already firmly attached to the wooden door.
    a door used as the main door of a house should get extra protection. You should perform a re-coating process with the right paint material once every one or two years to keep the quality of the wood maintained.
  • Keep the door away from sharp objects and be vulnerable hard drive causes scratches or dents.

Final Words

Interested in using gebyok door for beautify of your beloved home? After knowing the characteristics and how to care for the gebyok door above, you just need to prepare a budget and choose the carving design you want.

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