6 Natural Modern Rustic House Design Characters

The rustic design style is identical to the natural impression on modern houses because it has texture and color inspired from nature. Moreover, the appearance is often simple and dominated by the color of the soil. Usually rustic also performs with a choice of original furniture without finishing so it still looks the original texture of the material used. In essence, rustic styles tend to use natural materials obtained from nature such as wood, stone and so on.

Nowadays, however, there are also many rustic styles combined with other styles such as modern. Modern rustic house designs are also widely loved because they are considered to be thin but still thick with natural elements. Want to apply it to the house? Check out some of the following characters and inspirations.

Rustic House Design

6 Natural Modern Rustic House Design Characters
6 Natural Modern Rustic House Design Characters

1. Stay Modern with Ethnic Furniture

Who would have thought that it turned out to be design rustic design is also very suitable combined with modern occupancy? Rustic had a number of ethnic elements that could be used as accents to modern interiors. For example, you might add a few touches of ethnic furniture that are not generally polished to modern – style homes that are thick with a clean impression.

2. Presence of Wooden Panels

Must not be used on all elements house, you could insert some rustic accents that are natural in some parts of the house only. For example, add a wooden panel with a natural texture to the bedroom or living room. You can also use this wooden panel as a replacement for the headboard in the bed area of the bed. Wooden panels placed in the main area of the house can also be axlesen attractive that is agingt anybody look up to him. Mix these wooden panels with bright and natural bed or sofa colors such as white or gray.

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3. Using Ground Colors

as already mentioned before, rustic style usually dominated with ground colors or other natural colors that are close to natural elements, such as brown or gray. You could apply this concept to the selection of furniture colors in modern homes. Color choices derived from nature e.g. rocks, logs, or mud. Choose natural colors for furniture main house like sofa, desk, closet, or bed. You could also use colors with brighter yet still warm features as room accents such as yellow, red, or orange.

4. Marble Countertop on Wooden Kitchen Set

Marble is always the ultimate choice when the gives the house a luxurious look. Its unique fragrance and elegant appearance make marble suitable for use anywhere. Also, marble is also known for its very strong resistance you know. Well, on a kitchen you could also combine between marble and a thick wooden kitchen set would be rustic designs to get a more modern look. While this wooden kitchen set is impressively old and messy, the marble countertop can give the kitchen an elegant modern feel.

5. Combined Stone and Stainless Steel

It turns out a fusion of natural stone and stainless Even steel can look pretty. The contrast of natural stone and stainless steel appliances inspired by this French kitchen looks gorgeous for rustic ornate houses. The incorporation of these two elements can also be a perfect example of modern rustic house style.

6. Close to Nature

Rustic style is very close with nature, for that to happen even in a modern-style house you need to find a suitable way to connect the inner area of the house closer to the free. You can install large glass windows, walls or glass doors, to add a skylight to make the view outside the house clear from inside the house. When the scenery outside the house is not supportive or it is not possible to make large openings, you may bring natural elements into the house. How to put green plants in wooden pots or series of twigs arranged in the corner of the house.

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Combined house design Modern rustic turns out to make the look of the house look unique as well as characteristic, doesn’t it? You can also highlight your identity as a homeowner by creating a modern rustic design. Interested in applying it to occupancy?

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