5 Features of Superblock Apartments as a Modern Residential Alternative

Apartments have now become a practical modern residential solution and are in high demand in large cities. The development of property objects in the form of apartments took place rapidly in the past decade. One of the most interesting concepts is a superblock apartment that has many features and reasons why it is sufficiently sold out.

Superblock is a concept of spatial arrangement that seeks to maximize land function in urban areas. This one concept is considered most effective because it matches the conditions of land limitation in large cities. In one superblock apartment location, there are various advantages available that make it easier for residents to live in everyday activity. Let’s see what features and some benefits you can get from superblock apartment occupancy.

Superblock Apartments Alternative

5 Features of Superblock Apartments as a Modern Residential Alternative
5 Features of Superblock Apartments as a Modern Residential Alternative

1. Typically Situated Strategically

Generally, superblock apartments was built in the middle of the city to facilitate the mobility of its occupants. You won’t have trouble using the online taxi or ojek service as well as other public transportation systems. Such strategic locations also keep you from taking long when you have to travel for work, school, college, or recreation.

2. Conditions of Entrustment Over Customary

Everyone definitely doesn’t want live in an apartment that’s too quiet for security reasons. However, this is not the case with superblock apartments. The conditions of the settlement are dense but not as shabby as the house of the village. Even you don’t have to worry if you live in an apartment of this type where almost every unit is already inhabited.

3. Comprehensive Facilities

Other features that are often targeted for from superblock apartment is very fully equipped facility. Typically this concept of apartments allows the occupants to obtain facilities of:

  • Supermarkets and minimarkets
  • Food courts, restaurants, and cafes
  • Healthcare (clinics and hospital) that is close to the apartment area
  • The parking lot is spacious
  • Easy access to the modern mall, even some superblock apartments built right next to or above the mall area
  • Integrated public transportation system for 24 hours
  • Other facilities of fitness centers, taxi stands, and children’s playgrounds.

4. Can Save Time to Travel

Nowadays, many modern societies are choosing a superblock apartment as a residence to save as much time as possible, especially when the location of the workplace is also in the neighborhood of the apartment. You also don’t have to set aside much time to go and get off work. In addition, other activities after work such as monthly shopping or laundry management can also be practically carried out as it is supported by the concept of occupancy equipped with various important facilities.

5. Adequate Safety System

Before deciding to purchase units apartment, you should also take a closer look at its security systems. Superblock apartments are completely superior because they are equipped with adequate security systems, ranging from CCTVs to security staff who are on standby for 24 hours. In addition, apartment security is also supported by the unit’s locking system. In addition to relying on key systems, modern apartments also use other systems of access cards and Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) to make it easier for residents. You don’t even have to worry with the security of apartment units if have to leave it in a long time.

Final Words

The price you have to spend to buy a superblock apartment unit is certainly also comparable to the facilities you could acquire. So don’t let your rental apartment be bought by someone else, yes.

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