Donald Trump impeachment: Nancy Pelosi makes a statement with her outfit

United States President Donald Trump, for a historic second time, was impeached by the House for a week on Wednesday. The impeachment comes after a riot at Capitol Hill. President Trump, who will soon be leaving the White House, was charged with “incitement of insurrection”. Prior to this, Trump was impeached in 2019 — making him the only President to be impeached twice.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, signed the article of impeachment against him that her chamber had passed earlier in the day, Reuters reported. On the day, Pelosi was seen wearing the same dress she had back in 2019, on a similar occasion: Trump’s impeachment. This time the outfit, a sharp two-piece skirt suit, was teamed with a floral mask.

A report in The People confirms that it indeed is the same outfit except for this time the brooch was missing. People on social media were quick to notice, and soon many hailed it as the “impeachment outfit”.

“I’m aware this could not be more beside the point but can we for one second recognise Nancy Pelosi’s absolute brilliance when it comes to messaging through clothing? Like if I had to design an outfit in a movie for a Speaker to wear for Impeachment, this would be it,” one user wrote. While another added, “Nancy pelosi has an impeachment outfit. I feel like I need one too.”

Check out the tweets here.

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