Date, Time, Importance, Significance of Bihu Festival

Magh Bihu 2021 date: Celebrated in Assam, Magh Bihu is a harvest festival that marks the end of the harvesting season in the month of Magh (between January and February). This year, Magh Bihu will be celebrated on January 15.

The festival is marked by grand feasts and bonfires, made of green bamboo, firewood, hay, and dried banana leaves. As a tradition, people take bath before setting up the bonfire.

On this occasion, people erect makeshift huts known as Meji and Belaghar with bamboo, leaves and thatch. And then, they burn the huts the next morning.

People also play traditional Assamese games like tekeli bhonga (pot-breaking) and buffalo fighting. People also pray to ancestral gods for their blessings.

Magh Bihu celebrations start on the last day of the month of “Pooh” the previous month (January 14). The night before is ‘Uruka’, when people gather around a bonfire, cook dinner and celebrate. Uruka feasting may be either a communal or a family affair.

People also make delicious rice cakes known by various names such as Sunga Pitha, Til Pith and coconut laddoos.

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