Expectations Vs Reality : What The Youths Should Do To Take Over Leadership By Omo-Ikirodah

Expectations Vs Reality: What The Youths Should Do To Take Over Leadership By Omo-Ikirodah
Expectations: Our Elders have failed us we need to flush them out of governance. We move.

Reality :

Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind.

Since the #EndSARS brouhaha many Nigerians are optimistic that the leadership of the country would be altered in 2023, they think something drastic would change the status quo and the youths would take over the administration of Nigeria.

But in reality what is the whole buzz about? Is life not a process?
If youth can spring up between now and 2023 and sway the votes of the electorates and become the president of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria then what is the big deal?
The thing here is that nothing can be a miracle it must occur through a process.

So if by 2020 we are yet to see the youths that are capable of taking over the leadership of the country then why the FRET?

Governance is not ritualistic that you wake up and suddenly see money in your wardrobe.

You must have a good relationship with the people to be able to have their trust to be voted into power, I have never seen where God will just direct an unknown youth and say this is your choice for 2023, he must earn it.

This process comes with leadership and experience. The roles of youth in society is basically for advancement purposes and not administration.

They drive society and grow up to become LEADERS after a process of proficiency and efficiency. It is a process that uses the STAIRCASE and not elevators.

Do you know that it is because our youths failed in their youthful era hence the bad leadership we have today? Na from youth you must become ELDER na.

Have you not heard of the popular saying that the young shall grow? What does it mean? Simple and short the baby of today would become a man.
His experiences and journey are what makes him become a man.

That na why when we see person wey no dey try we go say the PERSON  NEVER STILL GROW up.

Have the youths lived up to their responsibilities?

Youth is supposed to be a role model to a teenager, our kids and teenagers need to be advised, taught and guided by the youths. Kids learn first hand from the youths and look up to them.

They shape the social, educational, emotional and various problems these teenagers encounter in their formative years.

These are hardcore facts we can not deny, the teens have more confidence in the youths they see than the adults.

So let us start from there, are the present crops of youths role models to the younger ones? How many of us as parents can beat our chest that we can leave the care of our kids to the youths to groom? This Indomie generation of youths?

Have they displayed confidence in themselves? Is it this generation of cultist and Yahoo Yahoo gang evoked with drugs that are reliable to govern us?

Do you know that the Yahoo boy sees nothing wrong in his crime but yet sees the politicians as thieves when they are only just a bigger version of Yahoo Plus.

It is funny a burglar looking at an armed robber as the problem of the society forgetting that himself steals from people but only on a smaller scale.

So in other not to flog the issue this is what the youths should be doing now if they wish to take over the leadership of the Nation.

The youths should as a matter of urgency start playing the leadership role they wish to aspire for in whatever capacity they find themselves right now.

If it is your workplace, school anywhere get involved in leadership courses and enrich yourself with your environment.

Start being a role model to everyone around you, take up a culture of fairness and justice and if it happens you get double promotions and climb the leadership ladder straight to the top then so be it.

You can never make history to become the youngest President of Nigeria, Gowon was a bachelor when he became head of state.

Since 1960 till date the youths have ruled us without making noise, they are even the cause of our problems because they grew old in their greed, atrocities and wickedness and are still ruling us.

The best time to plant a tree is now, we should bother-less on the youth or elders and insist on efficiency, proficiency, integrity, honesty, commitment, loyalty as a prerequisite for governance.

Youths have to do away with vices like corruption, self-centeredness and greed in leadership.

If a youth of today possess all these qualities and is accepted by the electorates then so be it. Heaven would never come down.

These youths making noise upadan are they not growing old? Do they think the time is waiting for them? Soon they would become elders as well.

Success does not come on a platter of gold, nothing can be achieved if the youths do not put efforts to accomplish the task. The youths must wake up and sacrifice lots of their vices and consistently work towards achieving their goals.

You are as old as your doubt, your fear, your despair. The way to keep young is to keep your faith young. Keep your self-confidence young. Keep your hope young.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja.

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