‘I Thought A Goat Was A Vegetable; Nobody Told Me It Is An Animal’

A lady has called out a restaurant for serving her a dish of curry goat after she ordered for the same dish.

The lady told the restaurant when she called that she wants a curry goat and it was delivered to her without delay.

She then took the dish home and after eating it, she then realized that she has just eat meat for the first time after being a vegetarian for over 20 years.

She then called the restaurant and said;

” Nobody told me that goat was an animal. If I’d known that goat was an animal, I’d never have eaten it. Ate the meat and sucked the bone because I thought it was fake bone.

I didn’t know it was a real animal. I didn’t even know goat was even an animal. I thought it was a vegetable. I’ve been a vegan for 28 years and you guys ruined it for me.”


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