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Money Won’t Just Come Crawling To You-Zodwa Explains How She Uses Her Muthi

People always want to know who helped Zodwa Wabantu with ukuthwala wherever she goes.

But the favourite South Africa media personality has news for fans who’re seeking for an easy road to fame and fortune.


“I’ve never had time to sleep since my breakthrough.”

“I can go the whole weekend without sleep, as long as I get money to put food on the table,” she said.

“Choosy people say the offer doesn’t match their standards, but they stay hungry for a long time.

“Let something of your standard find you while you’re hustling through something that’s beneath your standard.

“God will do great things for you if you make use of the small things.

And NEVER take short cuts.

“Ukuthwala works for people who work hard. They have to meet it halfway.

Money won’t just come crawling to you,” she said.

“You can’t wake up at 11 am and think you’ll have money. You have to hustle even after you’ve gone for ukuthwala.”

“But it’s not ukuthwala. It’s just muthi to keep me safe and bring me luck,” she said.

“People should stop asking me for the person who gave me Mamlambo,” she told Daily Sun.

“Don’t wait for tomorrow. Start now.”

“After April, you will find that it’s June then in no time, it’s December. And you’re planning for next year again. If you want to do something, just start.”

“Buy groceries first. Buy so that it lasts you until the end of January, then you can drink what’s leftover. Don’t drink first and think about groceries later.”

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